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Ningbo Zhonggu New Material Co., Ltd

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Ningbo Zhonggu New Material Co., Ltd

High quality laboratory

Our laboratory provides high quality testing and new product development to ensure that every product meets the market demand of customers.
Ningbo Zhonggu New Material Co., Ltd

Fast delivery

We have our own factory and QC department to provide fast delivery service and customized packaging

Qualified staff

A sense of responsibility is the key to every employee, whether before or after sales.

High quality products

Our main business projects are: research and development, processing and sales of sorbic acid, potassium sorbate, calcium propionate, sodium dehydroacetate and biodegradable materials
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About Zhonggu

Ningbo Zhonggu New Material Co., Ltd

Ningbo Zhonggu New Material Co., Ltd
Ningbo Zhonggu new materials Co., Ltd. is located in the South Building of Heli building, 298 Nanlei South Road, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province. It was registered on April 26, 2021 with a registered capital of 5.18 million yuan. The company is committed to new material technology development, technology promotion services; Sales of food additives, chemical products (excluding licensed chemical products), professional chemical products, bio based materials, metal materials, plastic products and daily necessities (except for the items subject to approval according to law, business activities shall be carried out independently with business license according to law).
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    The registered capital
    is 5.18 million yuan
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    Sales in more than
    100 countries and regions
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    More than 100 tons
    per year
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    More than 100 professional
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    Ningbo Zhonggu New Material Co., Ltd

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