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    CAS No.: 24634-61-5

    Other Names: Sorbistat-potassium

    MF: C6H7KO2

    EINECS No.: 246-376-1;590-00-1

    FEMA No.: 2921

    Place of Origin: Ningbo, China

    Type: Preservatives

    Brand Name: ZHONGGU

    Model Number: FCC

    Color: Milk White

    Supply Ability: 1000 Ton/Tons per Month

    Packaging Details: 25kg/carton;20kg/carton

    Port: Shanghai,Ningbo

    Service Online:

  • Overview
  • Potassium sorbate is one of the preservatives approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) for its high safety and strong inhibition of mold.

    Potassium sorbate is a preservative, antioxidant and stabilizer. It is a white or quasi-white powder or particle and is easily soluble in water. It is a new, safe, non-toxic and efficient food additive. Potassium salt of unsaturated fatty acids is involved in normal fat metabolism after entering the human body, and is finally oxidized into water and carbon dioxide, which will not accumulate in the human body. It has a high safety, and its toxicity is only 1/2 of table salt and 1/40 of sodium benzate. It is recognized as the best food additive internationally. Potassium sorbate has obvious inhibitory effect on mold, yeast and aerophile, and its inhibitory effect on development is stronger than the bactericidal effect. It combines with the sulfhydryl group in the microbial enzyme system, thus destroying the activity of the enzyme, so as to achieve the purpose of bacteriostasis and antisepsis.

    Food Preservatives FCCIV 99% Potassium Sorbate Granular E202

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    Product Description:

    Potassium sorbate, with high security and high inhibition ability to the molds, is one of preservatives approved by WHO.

    What It's Used For:

    Yogurt,Cheese,Wine,Dips,Pickles,Dried meats,Soft drinks,Baked goods,Ice cream

    Potassium sorbate is used as a preservative in a number of foods, since its anti-microbial properties stop the growth and spread of harmful bacteria and molds. It is used in cheese, baked goods, syrups and jams. It is also used as a preservative for dehydrated foods like jerky and dried fruit, as it does not leave an aftertaste. The use of potassium sorbate increases the shelf life of foods, so many dietary supplements also include it. It is commonly used in wine production because it stops the yeast from continuing to ferment in the bottles.

    Food Preservative: Potassium sorbate is used particularly in foods that are stored at room temperature or that are precooked, such as canned fruits and vegetables, canned fish, dried meat, and desserts. It's also commonly used in food that is prone to mold growth, such as dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. Many foods that are not fresh rely on potassium sorbate and other preservatives to keep them from spoiling. In general, potassium sorbate in food is very common.
    Winemaking: Potassium sorbate is also commonly used in winemaking, to prevent wine from losing its flavor. Without a preservative, the fermentation process in wine would continue and cause the flavor to change. Soft drinks, juices, and sodas also often use potassium sorbate as a preservative.
    Beauty Products: While the chemical is common in food, there are many other potassium sorbate uses. Many beauty products are also prone to mold growth and use the preservative to extend the life of skin and haircare products. It is very likely that your shampoo, hair spray, or skin cream contains potassium sorbate.


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